About Aliki Bags



Who are “Aliki Bags”??

'Aliki Bags' are lovingly created from first conception to the last stitch by ourselves. We do not buy anything but wrapping in bulk, to protect the originality of your Aliki Bags'. Our studios hold a wealth of beautiful materials :

Silk brocades velvet taffeta muslin linen cotton hessian wool felt etc., etc .........

buttons and jewellery , both vintage and new............

This gives us the creative freedom to achieve a varied, idiosyncratic collection of ?Aliki? Bags to delight you.

We go out of our way to ensure your 'Aliki' Bag expresses your style and individuality whilst keeping our keen and experienced eye on the practicality, durability and strength of your bag.

Some of our favourite bags are lovingly created from high fashion designer clothes. We carefully select and buy them at our local charity shops, mainly from Oxfam here in Formby. The garments are then deconstructed, washed, air/sun dried before we finally decide on the design.

We are sure you share our satisfaction that each bag reflects our care for the environment and carries within our philanthropic commitment to our fellow human beings.

We added corsages and brooches to our collection because they are a fashion tradition and up-to-date trend - we just could not resist. They are either sold separately or come as a detachable part of our bags. Some 'Aliki Bags' are designed with an ( optional ! ) matching scarf.

Please make personal contact if you want us to design and make an Aliki bag for you to complement a special occasion outfit or have an old favourite ( clothing item, blanket, etc.,etc. ) reworked into an "Aliki" bag.

We have also created the following...
'Mother of the Bride' box bag, 'Bride' clutch bag, 'Wedding Guest' shoulder bag & fascinator, 'Work on the Wild Side ' laptop sleeve, 'Work on the Wild Side' tote, 'Favourite Dress' college bag .