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Eco Charm Basket Tote Bag

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A medium sized basket style tote bag to serve you with its immense usefulness ! Even better, it will add panache to any outfit and charmingly express your eco consciousness !

This bag has been lovingly crocheted with Tshirt yarn - it took 6 ( YES, 6 ! ) once loved Tshirts to make enough yarn for your AlikiBag.
They were bought at Oxfam here in Formby, washed, dried in the sun, cut into strips, joined and pulled into the useable yarn to be crocheted. Well, we think that is pretty good all round !

The colour scheme  ranges between brown for the base and handle, black and turquoise for body and closure. The Bamboo handle is the only new purchase for our Eco Charm Basket Tote AlikiBag.

The decorative flap, embellished with wooden beads, will stay down because of its weight and the ' homing ' magnets.

Materials :
Cotton Tshirt Yarn
Bamboo Handle
Polycotton Thread
Wooden Beads
Sew-in Magnets

Fabric Care :
Hand wash only please to protect the handle. You may want to use some starch in the last rinse to maintain your bags strength and even longer life. Line dry and pull into shape when nearly dry

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