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SOLD "Work On The Wild Side" collection - Zebra faux fur circular scarf

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Winter seems to be just round the corner, we are feeling cold and wonder how to be glamorous and warm at the same time.

Well, I keep seeing animal patterns, cowls and circular scarves everywhere and thought I offer an AlikiBags accessory solution to make you stand out with panache from the rest of the red nosed crowd !

This Zebra patterned scarf is made from a high quality soft faux fur, lined with deep black and kitten soft fleece. I bought the Zebra fabric in Germany ( NOT on an African Safari ! ). The fleece comes from a brand new and huge cape which I bought from Oxfam, Formby. Is that what we would call a win-win situation ?

The width and length are perfect to snuggle up to your neck, no loose scarf ends any more ! As you can see from the fashion shot, it also looks really cool if you want to wear it long and open.

Width : 8" 
Total Length: 59"

Please hand wash only in warm soapy water. Do not tumble dry but line dry. You may want to gently brush up the nap of the faux fur once your scarf is totally dry.

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