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SOLD Work on the Wild Side Collection "Leopard Purrr-fect Clutch" ( large )

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Catwalks everywhere seemed to be full of all things animal.....

Here is the AlikiBags response : a fashion statement clutch bag that will make you 'cut a dash' wherever you go AND it is of such a useful size ! You can trust it with all your essential items like phone, purse, make up and, and, will still retain it's elegant shape !

This version of the AlikiBags "Purrr-fect Clutch" is slightly larger. I know, the larger the bag, the more we accumulate ! So this bag has a full partition and a key bajonet hook on a strap to help you stay organised. I even colour coded the partition for you, that way you can decide where your make up and your 'gizmos' will stay.

The hidden strength and defined shape of this stylish clutch lies in the felted vintage Wool blanket I used for reinforcement and the iron-on stabiliser for the crushed satin pink lining.

The main body of your clutch bag is a high quality dark chocolate Cotton Velvet the Leopard faux fur is just the right range of colours to contrast and blend.

Finally, to create that extra bit of 'je ne sais quoi', I have made an uber-sized velvet button, hiding the magnetic closure.


Width 10.5 x Hight 8" x Depth 1.75"
Button Diameter 2.5"
    Full Hight and Width Partition 

Fabric Care:
    Sponge clean only. Gently brush nap once dry.

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